Our Partners

Active Micro Fertilizer (M) Sdn. Bhd. (AMF) was incorporated in 2007 with the main objective of manufacturing of high quality Boron based Micro Nutrients in Malaysia.

The company has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities strategically located near Port Klang in Malaysia

AMF manufactures and markets micronutrients under its own brand name ”ACTIBOR” and ”ACTICOL” specifically for catering to the fast growing agriculture markets in Mainland China, Indian Sub Continent, S.E. Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Other than agriculture industry, AMF also manufactures specific products to timber treatment industry and ceramic industry

Argile du Velay (literally “Velay Clay”) extracts, transforms and commercialises high quality green clay for different uses, a major one being cosmetics. From a deposit in the rich volcanic earth in the Auvergne region of France, the company manages the complete production cycle.

There is an onsite laboratory which systematically analyses and tests the product at every step, from the coring stage, through to the creation of refined products before shipping, thus ensuring the high quality of the products is always maintained.

Colours are more than just red, blue and yellow – they are a complex blend of processes, environment and chemistry.

Arichemie are specialists in producing the right pigment preparations for your requirements. The Arichemie range of pigment preparations doesn’t just reflect the characteristics of the pigments and a combination of additives – in these products you will also find a remarkable depth of knowledge and years of experience. Arichemie has been working in the field of colour technology since 1840. Their focus on the special field of pigment preparation development dates back to 1956.

Our Arichemie customers not only profit from this experience but also of our lateral thinking and focus. Through the Arichemie laboratories, we can effectively match high quality raw materials to your requirements in order to achieve the most efficient colouration cost possible. We can show you intelligent solutions to all of your colouration requirements.

Aqueous and non-aqueous pigment preparations, organic and inorganic concentrates, tinting systems for:

– Paint and varnish industries
– Rubber and plastics processing industries
– Printing inks industries
– Building materials and furniture industries
– Food and textile industries
– Automotive and ship building industries

The Arkema Group was created in October 2004 from the reorganization of Total’s Chemicals branch. Present in over 40 countries with 15,200 employees, the Arkema Group operates 80 industrial facilities in Europe, North America and Asia, as well as sales subsidiaries in every region of the world.

The Performance Products business segment is recognised for its ability to innovate and its spending on research and development.

Luperox® Organic peroxides are used extensively as a source of free radicals for the polymerization of unsaturated monomers; curing of Unsaturated Polyester Resins (UPR); and in the crosslinking of polymers.

In the polyester processing industry, Luperox® organic peroxide products are used for hot and cold curing of unsaturated polyester resins, particularly in the building, transportation and leisure sectors. The range of unsaturated polyester resin hardeners primarily consists of ketone peroxides, peresters, perketals and benzoyl peroxides.

In crosslinking applications, Luperox® organic peroxide acts on the polymer itself, not the initial monomer. It “builds bridges” between the polymer chains to improve the mechanical properties and heat resistance of the product. The main applications in this sector are cable and wire manufacturing and industrial rubber products for the automobile, construction and footwear industries.

BRB International is a dynamic and innovative company experienced in providing technology solutions with Silicones, Additives, Chemicals and Lubricants. They produce a wide range of specialty silicones for uses in many different markets, including personal and home care, detergents and surface coatings.The company’s focus on R&D, technical field support, and problem solving mentality, differentiates it from other suppliers in the market.

With offices around the world in Europe, Asia and the America’s, BRB is well equipped to serve the needs of customers with a world wide supply chain network.

CECA Chemicals offers a range of Moleuclar Sieves for a wide range of drying, filtering and purification of liquids and gases. CECA has been manufacturing, devloping and marketing absorbents for more than 80 years and Molecular Sieves for more than 40 years.

With manufacuring in Honfleur (France) and Inowroclaz ( Poland) and two French based research centres CECA is well positioned to deliver on their goal of imporving it’s customers performance.

The main industrial applications include

– insulated glass
– coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers
– natural gas drying and sweetening
– petrochemicals and refining
– ethanol drying
– medical oxygen concentrators (Medox)
– industrial oxygen and hydrogen production
– pharmaceuticals production and packaging
– refrigeration
– automotive

Established in 1996 in the South of France and now part of the Clariant group, CRM International specializes in the manufacture of natural ingredients for the cosmetic industry. The range of products, originally based on olive oil unsaponifiables has been expanded significantly towards natural complexes having specific activity.

Most CRM International products are approved for use in Eco-labelled end products and Certified Organic ingredients are also offered. CRM have dedicated themselves to developing a wide range of safe, sustainably-sourced products that meet the latest trends of a dynamic personal care market

Dynoadd is the industiral additives arm of Dynea based in Norway. Their products help to solve issues with dispersion and related problems to those formulating coil, automotive, wood, packaging, plastic and general industrial coatings. These additive products are available for solvent borne, water-borne and RadCure formulations.

Dynoadd® surface-active polymer technology solves flow and levelling, wetting, cratering, foam and pinhole problems whilst their unique monodisperse particles provide an alternative, cost-effective, approach to textured coatings.

Established in 1995, Enviro Tech International is a privately held US Corporation that manufactures the EnSolv family of patented degreasing and cleaning solvents based on n-Propyl Bromide. EnSolv is a product line of effective replacement solvents for chlorinated and other hazardous degreasing/cleaning agents used in industry that works in your existing Trichloroethylene vapour degreasing bath.

The primary markets served are Aerospace, Metal Working, Metal Finishing, Oxygen Service, Electronics, Non-Destructive Inspection, Medical Devices, Optics and Asphalt Extraction industries. Website: www.ensolv.com

Dry Cleaning Technologies is a division of Enviro Tech International. DrySolv™ is a patented cleaning solvent that is non-chlorinated, non-flammable, non-hazardous, and is environmentally safe. It is a direct, drop-in replacement for PERC (Perchloroethylene) and other cleaning chemicals in the dry cleaning industry.

Handy Chemical Corporation, based in Taiwan is one of the largest producers of Chlorinated Paraffins in Asia.

Their PLASTOIL range is used in a wide range of areas including:
– Plasticizers for PVC
– Fire retardant for various polymeric materials
– Extreme pressure additives for metal working fluids
– Plasticizer for paint
– Carrier for powders such as pigments, stabilizers and inorganic fire retardants

Incorez is a global leader in oxazolidine chemistry, manufacturing a diverse range of products marketed under the Incozol® umbrella. The Incozol® range has been widely adopted in 1K and 2K polyurethane coatings, as well as 1K polyurethane sealants, where they operate as moisture scavengers, reactive diluents and curing agents.

In addition, the company is a global partner in waterborne, low hazard technology, manufacturing a wide range of waterborne aliphatic polyurethane dispersions and an extensive range of waterborne epoxy curing agents. These materials, marketed under the Incorez® brand, are used extensively in high performance coatings across a broad spectrum of applications.

The Jacobi Group was founded in 1916 by Ferdinand Jacobi a German emigrant from Bremen that at an early stage set the pace for the company’s future global expansion in the chemical industry through the entire 20th century.

Today, from their Head Office in Kalmar, Sweden, Jacobi Carbons are proud to be active in over 100 countries worldwide.

Jobling Purser develop and produce a wide range of British Standard products which are used all around the world. As specialists in producing highway maintenance solutions we apply our knowledge of bitumen formulating to a wide range of industry applications. Their high quality products make roads safer and play a crucial part in a diverse range of manufacturing sectors.

Jobling Purser are specialists in producing high-friction road surfacing applications and protective bitumen coatings for industry.

Kettlitz-Chemie is a specialist in the production of plasticizers and process aids, lubricants and additives for the rubber, plastics and oil industry.

Experience and technical know-how combined with international activities guarantee excellent products. Permanent striving for perfection, optimum service, solutions for any problem, flexibility, quick reaction and reliability are the basic conditions of their international success.

PT Lautan Luas Tbk, together with its subsidiaries, engages in the manufacture and distribution of basic and specialty chemicals primarily in Indonesia.

Through their connection with PT White Oil Nusntara we are able to supply a range of paraffin waxes.

Established in 1966 Marbo® is an Italian company producing chemical specialities for industrial use. Through self motivation and flexibility Marbo® today is a global company, operating in more than 50 countries supplying technical and commercial support.

Marbo ® produces release agents used for moulding polyurethane, rubber, epoxy, acrylic, phenolic and polyester resins, thermosetting resins, thermoplastic resins and all other types of elastomers reinforced with aramid, carbonfibre and fibreglass. Marbolube® is used as an internal release agent for the manufacture of pultruded items in composite materials.

A range of specialty liquid colour dispersions is available, designed for use in the polyurethane industry. These liquid colours allow easy incorporation and dispersion of colours in PU compatible media.

Microbeads AS is a Norwegian company based upon the manufacturing of polymer particles with uniform shape and size – monosized particles or “perfect spheres”.

Their patented technology makes particles in virtually all sizes from 0,5 micron to 500 micron diameter, and in a wide variety of polymer materials. Their large scale operation will also give cost benefits compared to typical laboratory scale operations for similar products.

Microbeads is a dynamic and flexible company which is able to supply new innovative solutions on demand. Custom make is possible even in relatively small quantities and the high competence on R&D as well as manufacturing will ensure a proper product for your application.

RDC (Rubber Dispersion Chemical) offers a wide range of exclusive products which provide solubility and compatibility with all rubbers and thermoplastics.

Through a combination of the correct raw material controls and the use of appropriate production techniques, not only are the final performance characteristics of the finished product optimized, but also quality goals are brought ever closer to fulfilment. RDC, operating in the field of chemical auxiliaries, is a benchmark for the rubber and thermoplastic industry, and identifies with the above principle. RDC collaborates not only with the main national and international manufacturers, but also with medium and small-sized producers.

Since being founded in 1974, RDC has focused on the diversity of applications and the specific needs of each client, and has developed the know-how to reach absolute levels of quality, and guarantees of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certification. RDC’s chemical laboratory also reflects this working approach, and together with the quality of the raw materials used, guarantees technical assistance according to relevant production phases: test reports per production lot, toxicological, and mechanical tests.

RDC offers a wide range of exclusive products which provide solubility and compatibility with all rubbers and thermoplastics. The product range matches the most advanced requirements of the market, and RDC is committed to continuing research and development, through our partnership with you, the customer, to establish the ways and means of achieving your needs.

Sasol Wax is the leading specialist for natural and synthetic paraffin wax and the synthetically produced Fischer-Tropsch waxes.

Paraffin wax is the major raw material for the production of candles but also has many other applications in industries such as rubber & tires, chipboard, food-processing and packaging, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, synthetics, inks paints & coatings, textiles as well as in road works and many others.

Sasolwax is the trade name for the unique range of waxes produced by Sasol Wax´s Fischer-Tropsch process. Sasolwax Fischer-Tropsch waxes consist mainly of saturated, straight chain hydrocarbons with almost no branches. This linear structure of Sasolwax Fischer-Tropsch waxes is responsible for the many desirable properties of Sasolwax Fischer-Tropsch waxes.

For more than 60 years, Shamrock has been the innovator and pioneer in the development of additives, including micronized PTFE and wax-based products.

Known for producing an extensive line of problem solvers, Shamrock additives include powders, compounds and dispersions that enhance inks and coatings by controlling slip, rub/abrasion resistance, texture, water pick-up and bleed.

Through the use of dedicated technology, custom production equipment, application and R&D laboratories, Shamrock’s industry experienced associates work efficiently to make Shamrock a trusted partner to the ink and coatings formulator.

Textron draws on more than 25 years experience of producing and supplying the highest quality vegetable oils world-wide.

Textron supplies the market with a wide range of pure oil – refined, certified organic and virgin oils (the latter obtained by the first cold press process).

Under the trade name Evoil®, Textron presents the cosmetic sector with a rnage of speciall formulated plant and vegetable oils, drawing on nature’s great variety in the vegetable kingdom.

Evoil® products also offer the possibility of including active ingredients in their formulations for specific body-care treatments and products.

In addition to oils, Textron supplies the Acnibio and Trelin preservation systems based on synergistic combinations of effective, active ingredients that are recognized by the main International Institutions and by European guidelines.

Both systems are optimized to in order to achieve the widest possible spectrum of effectiveness and to avoid potential toxicological effects. These systems are developed for each specific application to provide protection thoughout all phases of the product’s life cycle.

The Kerfoot Group specialises in oil, meaning they are always at the forefront of the industry and true experts in their field. Supplying over 500 different oils to the personal care market, these include essential oils, carrier oils, butters, botanical extracts, waxes, exfoliators and soap bases. Pressed using an environmentally-friendly and chemical free process, this ensures that the vitamins and essential fatty acids are preserved in the oil. The Kerfoot Group pride themselves in ensuring that quality is their top prerogative.
Tronox is one of only a few titanium dioxide producers in the world with proprietary chloride technology. One of the company’s most valuable assets, this chloride-process technology yields consistently whiter, brighter pigment grades preferred in paint, coatings and plastics.

The researchers at Tronox’s Research and Development Center in Oklahoma City work closely with the company’s plants and worldwide technical sales service teams to develop new pigment grades that meet customers’ increasingly stringent technical requirements and also address their future needs. This has resulted in the development of high-quality products with optical properties tailored to customer applications.

Tronox operates five production facilities around the world, strategically located to serve customers in more than 100 countries. These global manufacturing facilities provide quality products, stable supplies and timely delivery to customers. World-class customer and technical service is provided by talented, dedicated employees from locations in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.