Australasian Solvents & Chemicals Company (ASCC) is proud Australian and New Zealand owned and operated business. We have a long, highly esteemed history, known for being reputable and well respected within the industry and as a solid supporter of Australasian manufacturing.

ASCC Milestones

Australian Solvents & Chemicals Company Pty Ltd was formed as a result of the amalgamation of Solchem Queensland (est. 1997), and Solchem Victoria (est. 1994).

January 1997 The Company’s first truckload proudly left for its first delivery in Queensland
August 2001 Solchem entered the New Zealand market as the Mobil Oil Distributor. Our Equity Partners pooled their resources and significant experience in Solvents and Petrochemicals to become sole owners of the newly formed ASCC
July 2003 ASCC took over the bulk market from ExxonMobil in New Zealand by acquiring national distribution rights
August 2003 ASCC became the ExxonMobil Chemical NZ bulk distributor when ExxonMobil Chemical exited the NZ Market
October 2007 Eternal’s Synthetic Resins Division, who produces two product lines – Synthetic Resins for Coatings and General Purpose Resins, and is recognised throughout the industry as a leader, becomes a major supply partner
December 2008 Nan Ya Epoxy, a powerhouse in the manufacture of high quality epoxy resins in Asia, became a major and highly valued supply partner of ASCC
May 2010 ASCC became the distributor for Australia and New Zealand for Eternal’s Unsaturated Polyester Resins Division (UPR), a leader in the production of UPR and Epoxy Modified Vinylester Resins (VER)
July 2010 ASCC became the ExxonMobil Chemical National Distributor for small bulk and packaged fluids for ExxonMobil Chemical Australia
December 2010 ASCC became the national branded distributor for ExxonMobil Chemical in Australia when ExxonMobil Chemical exited the market in Australia
February 2014 S-OIL supplier of base oils joined the repertoire of ASCC for the Australia and New Zealand market
November 2014 ASCC was appointed by 3A Composites to be their distributor and logistics arm for Airex and Baltek core materials to the Australian manufacturing industry
September 2016 ASCC formed their first branch in Singapore – ASCC Enterprises Pte Limited
November 2016 ASCC acquired Rebain International (NZ) adding and diversifying the growing ASCC portfolio as a raw material and specialty chemical supplier
January 2017  ASCC became the Australia and New Zealand distributor for Argeville, a superior producer of Fragrance, flavours and natural raw material